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This helps contractors ensure that they don’t fall behind in saving for and making their tax payments. FreshBooks offers more robust accounting features in order to help you manage your financial needs. If you only need basic accounting needs, you can still use QuickBooks Self-Employed. However, if you plan to expand your client base, then you need more than just basic accounting services. With FreshBooks, you can set up recurring invoicing to save time. You can also customize your invoices like adding your logo and a personal message for your client.

With QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can accurately record your income and expenses and earn every deduction you deserve. When it comes to lowering your taxable income, itemizing deductions may help you save a lot of money. The advantage of itemizing is that you may claim a higher deduction than you can with the standard deduction. These features are added in all the editions of QuickBooks self-employed as these are the basic features. The other editions are QuickBooks Self Employed Tax Bundle and QuickBooks Self-Employed Live Tax Bundle. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox.

The most popular one is the basic plan and the Accountant basic, the Accountant pro, and Accountant Premium. First of all, Click the Import available on the Home Screen. For selecting the file, click on “select your file,” Alternatively, you can also click “Browse file” to browse and choose the desired file.

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There’s no phone support for QBSE, only email and the guy tells me to do the same thing over and over again, to no avail. So for now while it may be convenient for keeping track of my direct expenses it’s very limited due to the problems I am having. For instance, Xero’s $12 plan for freelancers and sole proprietors includes inventory tracking, detailed reporting, customizable invoicing, sales tax tracking, customer database creation, and more.

quickbooks self employed

Each time you enter a transaction into QuickBooks, you need to categorize it. This includes transactions you download from an online bank quickbooks self employed account or enter manually. Like QuickBooks Online, you can set up “rules” that automate the categorization of your transactions.


The QuickBooks Self-Employed platform was designed with a very specific audience in mind. If you need to file a Schedule C document with Form 1040 during tax season, this is your accounting solution. It caters to business owners with simple business structures. This means no employees and/or contractors, and very few customers that need to be invoiced.

The website and mobile app provide a simple, inexpensive way to track revenue and expenses and plan for income taxes. Use QuickBooks Self Employed to connect your banking and credit card accounts, download your transactions and categorize them as business or personal. The features of this version of QuickBooks are intentionally limited to make it simple to use, but it does include a profit and loss report and estimates your tax liability. The service is also designed to integrate with Turbo Tax Home and Business, which should make tax filing extremely easy.

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Set rules to automatically assign and categorize transactions. You can tell QuickBooks that deposits from a specific client should always be marked business income, for example. Or that transactions at Staples should always be designated as business office expenses. You can also mark a specific bank account as “mostly business” to take some of the legwork out of organizing your books. QuickBooks Self-Employed is designed to help freelancers and sole proprietors keep tabs on income, expenses and tax obligations.

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Schedule C is used to report the profit and loss in the business and is used by the self-employed and sole proprietors. For the particular tax period, you can calculate the net profit and loss easily. To calculate, subtract expenses from the gross annual income or total wages and revenue. You are required to fill the Schedule C on Form 1040before the deadline that is April 15. All the maths to calculate taxes quarterly is done by the software itself to help you out. This way you the taxes won’t be due and also you can avoid year-end surprises. For filing tax fast, it helps to organize your income and expenses so that you can do further processes.

  • I believe the aging reports for accounts receivable is missing and should be included.
  • If you are unable to see the option to terminate an employee on your list of active employees on the company payroll, this mostly implies that they have some history.
  • You can use this checklist when filing your taxes as a sole-proprietor and self-employed individual.
  • As we mentioned, the main differences between the three plans relate to tax features.
  • One of the reasons I selected QuickBooks was its integration with TurboTax.
  • But if you’re mixing business and pleasure, financially speaking, you’ll appreciate intuitive tools to help you track, sort and categorize transactions.

This reviewer was invited by us to submit an honest review and offered a nominal incentive as a thank you. Icon”It’s difficult to configure it and make any changes. Customizing your invoices can be a real pain.” Icon”There is a slight delay on tracking purchases, this makes it harder for up-to-the-minute finance tracking.” We provide you support through different channels (Email/Chat/Phone) for your issues, doubts, and queries. We are always available to resolve your issues related to Sales, Technical Queries/Issues, and ON boarding questions in real-time. You can even get the benefits of anytime availability of Premium support for all your issues. XLS, XLXS, etc., are supported file formats by Dancing Numbers.

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Tracking reimbursable costs and attaching receipts to invoices is a breeze with QuickBooks Self-Employed. It allows you to understand how you’re doing year after year and ensure you don’t leave money on the table come tax time. It is tracked automatically and provides you the full accuracy. The data of the mileage is categorized and saved for deductions to the maximum. The phone battery won’t be drained when it tracks the miles. You can easily pay when it is required or when you want to pay. The software does maths for you so that you won’t get any surprises at the end of the year.

So, it might pull in deposits automatically for you to mark as business or personal transactions. To have it automatically track all of my mileage for me is just amazing. However, now that I’m not traveling, it’s almost worthless, and certainly not worth the $16/mo I’m paying. I know you can scan receipts and stuff too, but I connected my bank accounts so I just select what’s business and what’s personal through there. It’s free to have clients pay invoices through ACH Debit though, so that’s awesome. You also get your money way faster than through other means. You can add a new client record or select one you’ve already created, then build a simple project.

When you click on Quarterly, you see your quarterly tax schedule for the current year, with figures for both recommended payments and what you have already paid. If you have used Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed in previous years, then you can view your historical data on this same page. The site also projects your annual profit based on your actual income and deductions to date. And, you can click a link to fill in your 1040-ES payment voucher that you can submit with your payment. Tim Yoder is a subject matter expert at Fit Small Business focusing on small business bookkeeping, accounting, and tax content.


You’ll also need to remember to only enter your non-inventoriable expenses to avoid them being counted twice in your tallies . Also, this is an online only product, therefore it can’t be viewed or updated without an Internet connection. For these reasons, the service has a 3 out of 5 star ease of use rating. While QuickBooks Self-Employed does offer a lot great features for freelancers and small business owners, it still feels incomplete. This is an awesome free checklist report you can generate every quarterly as well as in preparation for tax season. It can be expanded to showcase a summary of all of your business transactions for the year.

quickbooks self employed

In addition to accessing the platform through any internet-enabled device, you can also use the QuickBooks mobile app. The automatic mileage tracking (other apps offer this but the QB implementation is better than any I’ve tried).

For convenient and fast tax refunds, e-file the returns of your business using the direct deposit. It helps you to avoid the surprises that you get on the time of tax by helping you to organize income and expenses for instant filing of tax. You also get to know about what you owe before taxes are due every quarter. In this feature, you get the deduction you deserve by not missing any business expense deductions. For this, you are just required to snap and store your receipts into the QuickBooks Self-employed.

Like QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Self Employed requires a live Internet connection to use at all. However, all of your data is stored and backed up on Intuit’s servers, so your financial data is well protected. The QuickBooks Self Employed app allows you to categorize transactions, record miles traveled for work and view a summary of your tax deductible expenses.

The app uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to automatically track your mileage when you start driving, and it creates a discrete trip when you stop. The app then prompts you to designate that trip as personal or business and, if business, to identify its purpose. No more need to reconstruct your travels in a panic every year on April 14.

QuickBooks Self-Employed is tax software with a few light bookkeeping tools added to the mix. For the average freelancer, QBSE offers a good, basic feature set, but for business owners wanting full accounting capabilities, QuickBooks Self-Employed might not cut it. If that’s you, check out our top-rated accounting software reviews instead. Beyond tax deductions, though, QuickBooks Self-Employed doesn’t offer much. While you can import bank transactions to track expenses, you can’t generate detailed financial reports that help business owners set concrete financial goals or expand their businesses. The home dashboard is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

I’ve stopped using it and switch to another brand of accounting software and service, and I will be sticking with the new service. I love they have so many options and ways of showing users to add transactions. Need to spend time to identify the travel and expense either for business or personal usage manually, hopefully these’s a way to do it automatically. I thought the user interface looked great and seemed easy enough, it claimed to have all of the add-ons/plug-ins and apps I could need for my small business. It was highly rated on most SaaS review sites so I trusted it. This comes free when filing with TurboTax Self Employed, so it did not cost anything to set up.

When you access QBSE on a computer Web browser , you can even generate basic invoices and email them to clients. Among the many handy accounting features of QBSE, automatic mileage tracking might be the most unique. From a tax perspective, the IRS lets you deduct miles driven for business purposes—but you had better be prepared to back up your claim in the event of an audit. Most business owners start the year with the best intentions of accurately tracking business mileage, but they wind up giving their best guess at tax time and crossing their fingers. You can also use the QBSE mobile app to snap a picture of your receipts, and when you connect your bank account, the platform will automatically import all of your transactions.

quickbooks self employed

FreshBooks can generate financial reports such as Profit & Loss and Sales Tax Summary that you can download and use to monitor your business’s health. You can also use these reports in order to get ready for tax time with the help of your accountant.

You can also apply for the free trial period to understand the software before buying it. We are up to date with the IRS’s latest self-employment and Schedule C deduction standards. Just connect your bank and credit card accounts (your data is always encrypted and read-only, so it’ssafe and secure), and we’ll take care of the rest. The number of billable users in QuickBooks Online Essentials is three. The only accountants firms are those not licensed to transact business. If you need more robust options than the ones QuickBooks Self-Employed offers, you may be happier with one another QuickBooks product. Summit Hosting lets you access these desktop-based programs from a dedicated cloud server so you can access your data from anywhere and use it just as you would on your home or office computer.

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