A lot of applications have an in-app calendar, a modern and sought-after feature. The tech stack of your application is one of the most crucial parts. You must select the technologies that will ensure the flexibility of your app in the near future. The field of logistics needs the use of a calendar to schedule shipping. The logistics companies have various unique and innovative features to comfort people worldwide. The in-app calendar helps them to maintain the components.

It’s possible to integrate Calendar API with both mobile and web apps. The Google Calendar API allows viewing, creating, and editing events in the calendar. Also, it describes the way to use RESTful calls and libraries for different programming languages like Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, and others. Apple provides several tools for building or integrating a calendar app. EventKit helps get calendar data; hence, it’s easier to build and edit events in the application. Furthermore, Apple offers EventKitUI with various interfaces for adding to your app.

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You can integrate Calendar API with both web and mobile applications. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to deal with time because of an increasing number of occasions to attend and tasks to finish for work and leisure. But it can be challenging and complicated to create a calendar app from the beginning or integrate an in-app calendar. I’m trying to create calendar events in sheets using Google App Script (I’m very new to this). The sheet contains details of the event as well as the calendar ID . Similar to Calendly and SavvyCal, Acuity Scheduling is a tool specially designed for Squarespace websites.

Use Of Tech Stack To Make Your Own Calendar App

Google Calendar API allows the users to view, create, and edit events on the calendar. The documentation also describes the strategies to incorporate libraries for various programming languages, for example, Java, PHP , Ruby, JavaScript, etc. Both Google and Apple offer the users several APIs to incorporate into a calendar application.

create a calendar app

For example, Airbnb uses a calendar to show available dates for the chosen apartment. Founded in 2011, we’ve been providing full-cycle mobile and web development services to clients from various industries. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store.

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This is, by far, the best iPad calendar app I’ve ever used. Bring all your calendars and tasks together to have everything at a glance and achieve your peace of mind. Calendarific API allows integrating public holidays of the countries from all over the world. Making your own calendar app or integrating one requires preparations. There are a lot of opportunities to expand the app functionally with the help of the in-app calendar.

  • SavvyCal syncs with popular calendars and other scheduling workflow tools to create events and check for times while you’re busy.
  • It’s an indicator of businesses so none interferes in these times.
  • If you have an Apple Watch, there’s a dedicated app for that too, which will have your reminders pushed to it, and allow you to speak to the watch to add new events.
  • Also, there are a lot of services that allow scheduling posts for Twitter or Instagram.
  • Also, it describes the way to use RESTful calls and libraries for different programming languages like Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, and others.
  • The calendar app is an excellent way to prioritize projects, track deadlines, and fulfill those tasks that are more significant.
  • Calendar apps can help budget your time and schedule events, meetings, and tasks to help you take charge of your life.

Just drag and drop your tasks and events to reschedule an appointment. However, it’s possible to create your own calendar app, following your requirements and goals. For example, Uber Freight has a lot of cool features based on the in-app calendar.

For further queries, you may contact the expert team of CMARIX, a Mobile App Development Company Los Angeles. GitHub offers users several libraries depending on Apple or Android Calendar App Development. There are other calendar APIs also available to create a brilliant calendar app.

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With free syncing over Google Calendar and Outlook/Exchange, you get a rough view of the structure of your day. You can attach photos, audio files, and Dropbox files to events. CloudCal features gesture support, customizable views, calendar import, and it can work alongside other apps like Uber, Maps, and Waze. To do that, you’ll need to install those apps and purchase the Pro version of the CloudCal for $3.

Create an event that repeats every week, month, or even every 3rd Tuesday of a month. See your availability and what’s ahead today, this week, or month. Color-code events for faster navigation and reschedule them with drag & drop. If you are at an office or shared create a calendar app network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. The blog has discussed how to make your own calendar app, whether through Apple or Android Calendar App Development Process.

Also, we’ll cover tools and technologies to create a calendar app or integrate one. For scheduling home tasks, lectures, and Q & A sessions, an online calendar is accessed differently. Whether it’s an approaching online class or essay submission deadline, the in-app calendars send reminders to users.

create a calendar app

A lot of medical websites and apps integrate calendar features to allow scheduling appointments with doctors or tracking drugs intake. To accomplish all the activities easily, users appreciate an opportunity to track all the tasks. Calendars can be accessed from devices the audience uses at work, at home, or via any other device. Besides, we’ll go through the basic features to implement in the calendar app or integrate to the solution of another industry. Time management becomes challenging due to an ever-rising number of events to visit and tasks to complete for work and leisure.

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Qualified developers can offer various ways to integrate the calendar and add several exciting features based on it. It should be easy for them to use your calendar not only on the phone but on tablets and laptops. You have to ensure that your is synchronized across all connected devices. Also, for business needs, it’s better to offer synchronization with Google and iCloud. To make your own calendar app user-friendly, you need to consider UI/UX design services.

It’s an indicator of businesses so none interferes in these times. For making an intuitive and user-friendly app design, UI/UX experts need tools like Sympli, Illustrator, and Sketch. Google and Apple provide lots of APIs for integrating into a calendar application. The technology stack of an app is one of the most important parts. You should select the technologies that will assure your app’s scalability in the future. Some events are happening regularly – like visiting a gym or Spanish classes.

create a calendar app

Clients begin the scheduling process by choosing the appointment type they want to book. If you are hosting group classes for say, calligraphy or yoga, the Class feature allows multiple people to book services at a specific time. Various sectors can create an in-app calendar to enhance their application values to the users. Calendars are created with myriads of color schemes and interfaces. However, the ultimate purpose of the calendar is always the same – to remind the users of dates and days to help them manage their routine.

Technology Stack For Developing A Calendar App

A qualified designer can create an intuitive interface with simple and straightforward navigation. Among the latest design trends are bright colors and simple forms. For example, you can choose a minimalistic but vivid design. A lot of people choose Google Calendar to manage their events. That’s Google created detailed documentation on how to implement Calendar into your app.

Using familiar gestures, you can zoom in on a particular day, skim through upcoming weeks, or tilt the view to see your upcoming tasks way into the future. ZenDay’s fixed option for when a task isn’t tied to a certain part of the day will prioritize your day for you, shifting tasks around the most important, fixed points. While this app is no longer available on iOS, the Android version features an improved widget display and updated 3D engine. CloudCal has a unique way of showing how busy you are on any given day via the Magic Circle system. This feature turns the days of the month into clock faces, with different colored circles corresponding to your scheduled tasks or occasions.

ClickUp is a free productivity tool with time-saving Calendar features on the web and mobile apps to make even the most mundane tasks fun to add! TimeTree helps you organize your family to put everyone’s schedules on the same calendar, share tasks, and create handy notes. You can even leave comments in the app to discuss upcoming tasks or events, to keep everyone up-to-date.

Libraries To Develop A Calendar App

Most of these premium apps are free, with more advanced versions available via in-app purchase. To avoid missing significant appointments, events, and meetings, calendar software enables setting up notifications serving as reminders. Needless to say, that paper calendars lack this feature.

Creating Calendar Event In Sheets Using Google App Script And Want To Add Attendees

Calendarific API helps the developers to add different public holidays to the app. It tracks your physical activities https://globalcloudteam.com/ and provides you with statistics on time. You need to log in to the beginning and ending dates in the app calendar.

The need for tools is always dependent on the project requirement and business goals. You must consult professionals to choose the right technologies. Business Calendar 2 is a calendar app for Android phones with a convenient drag-and-drop feature for organizing and scheduling tasks. Whether it’s themes, colors, or the number of days you want to view, you can customize the app to suit your preferences. However, unlike most calendar apps, Business Calendar 2 lacks a web version. Any.do’s calendar feature aims to help users control their day, week, and month with events and tasks in a single view.

If you have an Apple Watch, there’s a dedicated app for that too, which will have your reminders pushed to it, and allow you to speak to the watch to add new events. The main app is free, but premium versions cost $5 per month, with variations for individuals and families. Apple also offers various tools for calendar app development or integration. EventKit helps get access to calendar data, so it’s easy to create and edit events in the app. Also, Apple provides EventKitUI with different interfaces to add to your application. Awesome Calendar, packed with tons of features, touts itself as an all-in-one tool for keeping track of events in your life.

Most of the online travel platforms are equipped with their in-built calendar app. The travel groups have a calendar to display the available dates to the customers for their chosen journey or place. To boost security, you can utilize the hardware of devices. For instance, your calendar can use Force Touch or 3D Touch. It must be simple for them to utilize your calendar not just on mobiles but also on laptops and tablets. You must make sure that your app is synchronized across all connected gadgets.

Apple and Google offer a lot of APIs to integrate into a calendar app. Please, note, that the tech stack provided below is approximate. The final tools always depend on your project requirements and business goals. It’s better to consult with professionals to pick the right technologies.

It wants to be your main life organization app and the diary you use to catalog your daily activities and recurring events. Jorte syncs with a number of other calendars, note-taking apps, and task managers, including Google Calendar, Google Task, Evernote, and Microsoft Office. A dedicated cloud service syncs data across devices, creates backups, and shares calendars with other Jorte users.

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